Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mint Office Inspiration

Written across my calendar this Saturday was, "Clean out guest room!" Since moving in nearly six months ago, the husband and I have tossed all of our miscellaneous wedding decor, rubbermaid bins, unfinished projects, and garage sale items in one room. Since our happy little rental is a historic bungalow, it doesn't exactly have a linen closet, pantry, or shelving (oh, those luxuries).

After relocating all of our garage sale stuff to the front room for this Saturday's big sale and filling three utility trash bags full of trash, we could see the guest room floor. Many hours of why do I still have this? later we had an (almost) empty guest room. 

The next morning my husband woke up and said, "I want to design the guest room." I think he could finally see potential in the room. Fast forward three days and we have two coats down and one coat left of the most wonderful paint color you've ever seen (Sherwin Williams Sea Salt). Side note: I would have never thought we'd get as extreme as painting, but the husband said it was part of the whole design aesthetic and how could I work in a space with walls the color of dirty cement? 

All of this to say, here's a little office inspiration on this Thursday morning.

1. fieldtrip on Etsy
2. West Elm
3. Finnish Design Shop
4. CB2
5. Ferm Living
6. Style At Home

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